Selfie Love


If I am honest, I love a good selfie. I’m no expert but then again, I find the beauty in most everything.

I think taking selfies or even iPhone shots of your loved ones is a chance to capture a memory forever and have a little fun while doing so. I recently read some great tips for good selfies and wanted to share them with you.

So, in the spirit of the holiday season (but still useful year-round), here are 10 tips to help you look & feel your best in photos:

1. Natural lighting is everything. Your optimal glow can be found outdoors or near a window.

2. Tilt your head at an angle. This slight tweak highlights your cheekbones & accentuates your eyes.

3. Always shoot from above. Keep your camera lens above eye level for the most flattering angle.

4. Stand at a three-quarter angle. Avoid squaring up your body. Instead, shift your figure so that your stance is led by one of your shoulders.

5. Put your hand on your hip. Everyone does it on the red carpet for a reason. It’s cliche, but it will force you to stand up straight and therefore look slimmer!

6. Look for simple, clean backgrounds. Before you snap, see what’s behind you. Aim for something that contrasts well with your outfit and doesn’t distract.

7. Get big, bright eyes! If you tend to blink, ask the person behind the camera to count to three. Close your eyes to keep them relaxed & at the count of three, open them as the camera clicks.

8. Find a favorite pic. Do you have a photo of yourself you love? Try to copycat that photo next time you strike a pose.

9. Wear a little makeup! No time to do a full face? Pop on some lip gloss or even just Vaseline to make your smile brighter.

10. Be yourself! Don’t be afraid to show off your vibrant personality—it will come through on camera & ultimately make for a better picture.

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