Living for the Now


There are so many little things that you can do to make someone’s day. And by doing that you can make that person feel a little less stressed, upset or simply get someone out of a bad mood. In turn it could mean that they would also spread a little bit of positivity to others. So, let’s get spreading that optimistic feeling!

  1. Do a good deed – Doing a good deed that would make someone’s day can trigger domino affect. Get your good deed check list when you subscribe!
  2. Share positive messages online – Whether it’s a video of cats, inspirational quotes or clips of people doing deeds for others, share it. It could make your followers think differently about the world.
  3. Call someone you haven’t spoken to in a while – Surprise that friend or family you haven’t chatted to for a long time. And make sure you phone them, not just text (lazy bones!)
  4. Smile at people – One thing I know people love is being given a smile. It’s something we don’t do nowadays but I think we should try a little more!
  5. Share the love – Give positive comments on social media. Too often nowadays hate has over thrown comments of positivity.
  6. Hug – Hugs make people feel loved, safe and wanted. I’m definitely a hugger!
  7. Be optimistic yourself – It’s easy to tell others to be optimistic but having a positive attitude yourself helps too.
  8. Play positive music – Uplifting songs naturally helps increase mood as well as productivity so why not put on some happy tunes when you’re next in the office!
  9. Make someone a cuppa – Tea is balm of the soul. A warm, caffeinated drink made out of the blue gives a feeling of comfort and sharing.
  10. Be there – Being there for someone in need of companionship is worth more than all the money in the world. Just listening to someone who feels alone or who needs to vent will increase their faith in others.

Just sharing a bit of positivity can help spread optimism. Start today!

Re-posted from Living For The Now Blog by Laura Saxby

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