Movers and Shakers

I am a person who is constantly in motion; my legs swing while sitting, hands gesture wildly when communicating and I rock to and fro as I stand. It is not in my DNA to remain calm, composed, and still…so you will appreciate that I consider myself a mover and a shaker.

Life for me is an energizing, flowing and chaotic whirl of activity, much as a small leaf floating on a rapid, churning, and winding river traveling to the unknown.

I embrace life’s motion and hang on for the ride while navigating the twists and turns of an ever-evolving and glorious joyride.

I honestly feel that when you hold too tight, you risk losing sight of the opportunities awaiting you around the corner and may miss things more glorious than you can imagine.

For me, the current is strong and I move with confidence toward the finish line of life, which is just the way I like to travel. Don’t despair, just hitch a ride on life, you will not believe where it takes you.

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