Easy Ways to Add Ambiance to Your Listing


You don’t want the listing to be so neutral that it lacks any personality or visual interest. So what are some simple ways you can add ambiance to a home? RISMedia recently featured an article spotlighting a few ideas, including:

Add some indoor plants.

Try adding real plants to nearly every room in the home. Be sure to select shade-loving and indoor plants to make sure they are easier to keep alive.

Enhance the lighting.

The right lighting can work wonders in a space. Try wall sconces along the hallway. Also, sconces along a living room wall can be used as decorative accents as well as emit softer lights. Pendant lights over a kitchen island can also add to the ambiance. The use of glass doors inside the home – such as French doors for the study — can also make a home brighter.

Create more places for shelves.

Shelves not only can ramp up the storage space but also make a decorative statement too. For example, floating shelves under staircases or along living room walls can store books or collectibles. The shelves should add to the décor and be functional simultaneously.

Add a vintage piece of furniture.

The furniture is often the focal point of any living room. Add some visual interest with a vintage, upholstered chair. “Older items tend to have decades-old patterns that can improve a home’s ambiance with one quick glance,” the RISMedia article notes.