Our family is addicted to the Olympics. Last night’s swimming race featured Michael Phelps and had our entire family screaming at the television as we won the gold. It is not just about cheering on the home team, it is about the thrill of competition. It is about greatness. It is about sacrifice and success. GO USA.

At our house, we fly the American flag daily. My grandfather and father fought in WWI and WWII. My nephew in Iraq (KIA). We can’t compete in the Olympics but flying a flag on our home is a forever thing for the Parvin-Hutchinson family.

I love to see Old Glory fly so if you want to make this cute flag in the photo, go to the following link:


Long may she wave…

Small Spaces


I love projecting future trends. This one isn’t too difficult to predict. People are going smaller. The Millennial generation is not enamored with great, big houses and desire a lifestyle that won’t leave them bankrupt.

I have downsized from a very large home to two smaller home, one as my permanent residence and one for vacation. If you put my two homes together you would have one big house. I love them both.

I find smaller homes are easier to tend and maintain. I also like the fact that you have to think of a purpose for every item of furniture, clothing and mementos. A place for everything and everything in its place.

Designer Gary McBournie says: “I prefer living in a small house. It just puts its arms around you and makes you feel at home.”

Go small and go home…





A New Frontier for the American West, in the Far East


Welcome to “Hometown America,” as Jackson Hole is called in Chinese, a mammoth real-estate venture that is an exacting pastiche of an American frontier town, albeit one with a wine-tasting pavilion, a New Age spa and security guards dressed as park rangers, who salute every passing car.

Modest entry-level homes sell for $625,000. Larger abodes — described by Jackson Hole’s developers as castles — have an attached vineyard and fetch nearly $8 million. The developer, Ju Yi International, says that more than 90 percent of the 1,500 homes have already been sold. Occupying more than a square mile of arid land in northeast Hebei Province, Jackson Hole has plenty of room to expand.

This New York Times article is “mind-blowing” and amazing. Read more about it here: