The Tree


Small spaces don’t require large trees. There are so many cute ways to decorate and give your smaller home the Christmas spirit. I just loved this charming tree in a white basket. Very Scandinavian. Tres chic.

Christmas is upon us


I can’t help myself. I know we are just getting to Thanksgiving but I am already preparing for Christmas decorating. It is a big deal around my house.

I keep a book with ideas for decorating this year and for once I am going heavy on the red. It’s pretty rare you see so much red in my home but I just want to follow through with it this year and change thing up.

Do you plan ahead? What are your color schemes?

Christmas Comes Early


I promise not to go crazy just yet but I think it is acceptable to start bringing a little Christmas into your home. After all, if you only wait till after Thanksgiving that gives you a mere thirty-ish days to enjoy this spectacular holiday.

You can find some ideas at:

As for me, it’s never too early for a little sparkle.