Spring To Do List


With lengthening days and milder temperatures in many parts of the country, April is a wonderful time to freshen up the home inside and out. From windows that sparkle to a clutter-free garage, here are 13 tasks to make the most of the first full month of spring.

Clean House


I am often asked what helps a home sell. While beautiful interiors are important (such as shown in the above photo), nothing helps a home sell faster than cleanliness.

Sounds simple but it is true. A clean house = a sold house.

Buyers like to walk through a home and feel that it has been well-cared for and loved. When you pass the white glove test, the buyer will be impressed and will pay attention to your home.

There are other factors that affect sale, but…a spotless home is highly desired.

It is just that easy.

Closing Advice – Tip #1


“One of the best things any seller can do is to turn over the home they have sold in immaculate condition. This means everything including the stove, bathrooms, floors, ceiling fans and window treatments. When a house is empty it shows a lot of defects and the buyer expects to walk in and find it in fantastic shape. I promise this is good karma that will come back around. Clean up and turn the keys over with a sense of pride.” ~ Linda Hutchinson