Designing with Books


Coffee table books instantly add personality and interest; they make the space feel like a home, and of course entertainment for the lingering guest.  And the best part?  They’re easily edited and changed whenever it strikes your fancy.

Stack your favorite books by color, by topic and/or size.  Get creative; don’t take the stacks too seriously and change them around until they’re just right.

Courtesy of: @waitingonmartha

Christmas is upon us


I can’t help myself. I know we are just getting to Thanksgiving but I am already preparing for Christmas decorating. It is a big deal around my house.

I keep a book with ideas for decorating this year and for once I am going heavy on the red. It’s pretty rare you see so much red in my home but I just want to follow through with it this year and change thing up.

Do you plan ahead? What are your color schemes?