Updated Vintage Furniture


Consider painting those vintage pieces like the salmon colored secretary shown in this photo. I kept my grandmother’s desk and said goodbye to dark brown and hello to chartreuse green at my house. It looks grand.

I think my grandmother would approve.

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Back to the 60’s


Having lived through the 60’s as a young girl, it is so interesting to me to see the return of furnishings from this time period.

The trend was very minimalistic and comfort driven. But it was replaced by a more gaudy and shabby chic style of furnishings.

Most homes that feature Mid-Century modern furniture are fun and fresh with a colorful mixture of furnishings.

As for me, I mix it up. I don’t like one single style to dictate the design of my home. I do like mid-century and I hope the trend lasts for a while. I also wish I had my Mother’s orange silk curved sofa from the 60’s. It was spectacular.

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Bringing back the best of mid-century modern.


The retro look has become tremendously popular and I love it. This is the furniture of my youth and to be honest, it was very comfortable but not “homey.” I am seeing more and more of the younger generation opt for a clean, crisp look of Mid-century modern furniture with a reduction of cluttered living spaces. It’s pretty groovy.

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“Decorating doesn’t have to be this expensive but furniture placement and design are important when selling a home.” – Linda Hutchinson