Books Help A Home Sell


There are a lot of things to help a home sell when it comes to staging your home with lovely decorating touches.

Not only does your home office need to look chic. It needs to look like people actually use it for work and play. When I use the word play…I mean reading. Reading a good book.

This is a photo from an actual home office in an executive home filled with wonderful first edition and vintage books. The whole wall takes your breath away. I think it may just help this particular home find a buyer!

Read for the love of it. Decorate with books because they are beautiful.

Summer Reading


If you like to read (and who doesn’t) then this list of NON-lighweight books is for you. I am happy to report, I put in my two cents and some of my favorites made the list (including the one shown above).

Get reading…life is more than work.

17 big, fat books for your summer reading.