Living in Color


If you follow me regularly,  you will know that I am a REALTOR who believes in color and bold statements. Art, flowers, a rug…just make something color-filled.

An entire house can take on a more elegant and vibrant statement with the use of color. Step out into the world of color and make your house a home to remember! Live in color!

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Freshen Up Your Home


Outstanding ideas to work on this Spring around the house!

7 Spring Renovation Ideas for Your Home

A Colorful Home


There is a fine line between kitchsy and well done and this home is fantastic. For a person who loves a home loaded with color and personality, this is a stunning little gem from England.

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Gingham = Glad


When people ask me what I consider my one essential for any home, I always tell tell them if you want something that is guaranteed to never go out of style then choose gingham, checks, stripes, or polka dots.

There is something so cheerful about a room with a touch of gingham. It’s fresh and inviting. Gingham is so cheerful and makes me happy. It will update any room immediately.

I guarantee it.

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