Transform with Color!


People ask me all the time what one thing they can do to make their home more attractive without spending a lot of money. The answer is easy.

Add color!

The days of brown and beige is in the past and color is here to stay. Currently, you will find kitchens reinvented through the use of color appliances in bold hues.

I love the use of color in a home. I often change up the color in my own home for the seasons using pillows, decorative elements and paintings. You would be amazed at how simple things can make an old space sparkle.

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Chandelier Magic


Most of you who regularly read this blog know that I have a passion for chandeliers. My Mother was a lighting architect and put outrageous and stunning lighting in most of the Miami Beach hotels. I grew up loving sparkle, glitz and glamour.

A chandelier adds an elegant feature to a home and elevates the room from ordinary to extraordinary. This chandelier is called a French empire style design. It has that wow factor.

Empire style is a French 19th century design aesthetic that was defined by opulence and ornate touches. Fast forward to now and there is whole category of crystal and other material chandeliers that is considered a French Empire style chandelier. The silhouette is narrow at the top and then curves down into a bowl or cup shape at the bottom.

Eclectic Style


I love people who have a sense of style without a blueprint. In other words, they just put together things that they love and feel like “home.”

The photo above features a family of misfits, castoffs, and misunderstood objects fills the 1,300-square-foot home of David Reid and James Klein.

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The Color White


Interior decorators are already declaring this year’s color to be white. WHITE? To be honest, I love it. White is a color and it’s beautiful in a home with no kids, dogs, husbands and basically rarely used. I love white interiors and they are so gorgeous but impractical. However, whether you choose white or bright neon green…go for it with gusto and make it work. #color #white #interiors

Bringing back the best of mid-century modern.


The retro look has become tremendously popular and I love it. This is the furniture of my youth and to be honest, it was very comfortable but not “homey.” I am seeing more and more of the younger generation opt for a clean, crisp look of Mid-century modern furniture with a reduction of cluttered living spaces. It’s pretty groovy.

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