Kitchens sell homes!


When it comes to home sales, I have watched as a buyer’s eyes glaze over when they feast (get the pun) their eyes on a beautiful kitchen. Kitchens really do sell homes.

Light is in and dark is out. But as long as it is lovely and the counters are clean, it will help a home sell.

If the beds aren’t made…it’s not great. But if the kitchen is a disaster, prepare to lower your price. PS: Have some good smells in your kitchen too.

What do Buyers Want?


Selling your home when inventory is low can still be difficult if you don’t have a few simple things.

  1. Paint a neutral color throughout your house
  2. Semi-updated kitchen. If the cabinets are OLD then paint them and put on fresh hardware. If possible, install fresh flooring and update appliances and counters. KITCHENS SELL HOMES.
  3. Staged to sell. The home has to look lovely, neat, and clean.
  4. Smell – you don’t need a million air fresheners but dogs or cigarettes can kill a deal quickly.

These items may cost a bit of money but paint is inexpensive and when done right can add a lot of value to your home.

Don’t miss out on a great selling season.

Original Decorating Ideas


I love it when people think “outside the box” and come up with an original kitchen that screams luxury. These green cabinets and shiplap siding are just the right mix for fun and elegance not to mention the upscale Wolf gas stove. Did you know that kitchens are the most requested item for most buyers? This house would sell quickly.

You can view the rest of this farmhouse at:

Ranch living – Mid-Century Modern Style Home


The mid-century modern, “ranch” style home is highly desired architecture right now. You only have to look at Palm Springs, California to see the increase in value from these 1950’s to late 1960’s style homes. The old saying that “everything comes around again” is true for these properties.

In Florida, this style of home is prevalent due to our warmer climate and year-round balmy weather. The ranch is really starting to catch on with young buyers.

No longer tear-down properties, the mid-century modern styled home is being renovated and updated with sleek new looks and updated and innovative design details.

There are a few important things to remember:

  • Be prepared to spend some money. Most of these homes do not have adequate insulation, low sloping roofs with small bathrooms and kitchens. This type of home requires renovation and money. Don’t buy into a ranch home if you are not prepared to spend some cash.
  • Like all homes, the kitchens and bathrooms are the most important upgrades in ranch homes. Opening up the kitchen to the rest of the house will create a great spacious floor plan and a visual look that is hard to resist. Updating your home while keeping the character of the house intact is going to not only look gorgeous, but will bring financial rewards when the home is sold. Moving walls to create the open floor plan will make your ranch home a thing of beauty.
  • Remove all wallpaper. While wallpaper is back in vogue, remember that what you like may not be something a future buyer will desire. Wallpaper is what agents call “seller specific” so either be prepared to remove when selling or don’t use on your interior space.
  • Updating a mid century ranch styled home involves upgrading the landscaping. This is very important. Nothing says mid-life crisis for homes like a dated and boring yard. Be prepared to add a splash of color and modern detailing on the exterior.

The mid-century modern house is back to stay and I get so excited to see them renovated and returned to their former glory. The new “ranch” is modernized and appreciated as a unique form of architecture.

In short, these homes are groovy.