Favorite Color


I asked my husband of forty years last night if he knew my favorite color. Without hesitation, he answered “pink.” He was right.

If I asked him what his favorite color would be, I know he would reply “whatever color you like.”

To some of us, color enhances our life and makes us happy. My sweet husband is just happy. Whatever your color, find a place in your home for it. It is what sets you apart from everyone else. It is what makes your home a little bit happier.

Spring Color

One of my favorite things about Spring is the renewal of color in nature. From flowers to butterflies, everything pops out in glorious shades of yellows, pinks, blues, and more.

Take time to add fresh colors to your home. It will put a little bit of spring in your heart.

What do Buyers Want?


Selling your home when inventory is low can still be difficult if you don’t have a few simple things.

  1. Paint a neutral color throughout your house
  2. Semi-updated kitchen. If the cabinets are OLD then paint them and put on fresh hardware. If possible, install fresh flooring and update appliances and counters. KITCHENS SELL HOMES.
  3. Staged to sell. The home has to look lovely, neat, and clean.
  4. Smell – you don’t need a million air fresheners but dogs or cigarettes can kill a deal quickly.

These items may cost a bit of money but paint is inexpensive and when done right can add a lot of value to your home.

Don’t miss out on a great selling season.

Bold Colors


Nothing ramps up the interior design of a house more than color. It doesn’t have to be a multitude of rooms painted a┬ákalidescope of shades but just one piece that “pops” out as you enter.

Color is grand but less is more. Go bold and colorful but use it judiciously and make a room stand out.

The other good thing about color…it is easily painted when you need to sell.

Go bold and go home!