Exterior Allure


Recently a client was telling me about all the renovations planned for the INSIDE of their home to make it more appealing. It was a long (and expensive) list.

While the house is cute, the front elevation or the exterior, is bland. I asked the plans for the outside and was told they had none – it would stay the same.

This is a huge mistake. The outside of a home draws the buyer inside. Buyers driving by a home are 100% more likely to go inside if they feel the home is attractive and inviting.

Front doors, lovely colors, decorator touches. Home decorating is not just for the inside of a home anymore.

Thinking of selling? Let me help you get your whole house ready…not just the interior.

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I’ve Got The Blues


I don’t know what I like the most about this porch. The shutters, the lighting, the chairs, the landscaping, the flooring, or the fan? It’s all so lovely and all so deliciously blue.

You never can go wrong with this color. It’s always a winner.

Creating Curb Appeal


Curb appeal isn’t only reserved for those selling their home. By sprucing up the exterior of your home, you’ll be creating a welcoming feeling each time you come home.

Dress up the front door. Scrub down the door, the knobs and any light fixtures. Create a focal point of your home by giving your door a fresh coat of paint. Add a wreath or decorative hanging that suits your style.

Create some symmetry. Symmetry is pleasing to the eye and is the easiest to arrange. Flank your front door with matching lanterns, urns, or other front door accents. This will create a welcoming entryway for you and your guests.

Install night lights. Landscape lights can provide an instant boost to your curb appeal, while also providing safety and security. Think about adding accent lighting to trees or your walkway. Solar lanterns are also a popular choice to provide lighting without wiring, but be aware their light levels are typically not as bright as wired fixtures.

Add a splash of color. Container gardens filled with colorful blooms and interesting plants add to the welcoming feel of your home quickly and affordably. You can purchase ready-made containers from your garden center, or even at some grocery stores. Or, you can DIY your own with your favorite plants.


Photo courtesy of: http://www.thecottagejournal.com


Porch Politics


A true Southerner always longs for a home with a porch. The porch is a beehive of activity and a place where families sit, rock and talk.

Politics, faith, marriages and more are examined and dissected on a Southern porch. Southern porches have a life of their own.

This porch ceiling is painted blue for a playful nod to traditional Southern Haint Blue. A fan keeps the area cool on warm Southern days, and curtains add privacy to the space. The blue ceiling is a custom in the South as it is said that insects won’t build their nests on these ceilings because they think it is the sky. What a lovely thought.

The last few days of summer are upon us as we await the coming of Fall. Fix up your porch and enjoy this time – while you are at it, have a glass of sweet tea.

Photo courtesy of SouthernLiving.com