SOLD March 2022!

I’m pleased to announce the sale of 829 Pamela Avenue in Winter Garden, Florida for $350,000. Congratulations to the sellers and the buyer of this charming home. #WinterGarden #Florida #bungalow #home #homes #realtor #sales

You are Special to Me!

My Dad gave me lots of advice. I was wise enough to listen.

Dad had every reason to be pessimistic about the world. He was shot down over Germany during WWII while piloting a B-17, interred in a POW camp and lost his hearing. His career as a pilot was finished due to war injuries, and he was born with the name Shirley. Yes, I said his name was Shirley. It would be easy to fall into the muck and wallow in self-pity but that was not his style.

My Dad was a die-hard optimist. Life was good and every day was special.

When I started my business, one of the best things Dad told me was “always remember to make people feel special.” Dad grew up with a desire to help and to enrich the lives of others. He succeeded.

Everyone wants to feel special. Everyone wants to tell you his or her story. You just need to listen.

This is not so surprising. What IS surprising is that more people don’t realize this. When you care about people, and show a genuine interest in their welfare, your life is all the better.

Try this with clients, friends and, most of all, family. Make today the start of a change in your lifestyle. Make someone’s day.

Make someone feel special.

Leave everyone you meet feeling valued. Ask about their day; ask about their lives; just ask and then listen.

Expect little and give much…you will be amazed. The gift of giving someone a sense of self worth is beyond measure. Now that’s special.

Time to Move?

Orlando has the lowest amount of inventory for sale since 2019. Ready to sell?

It’s a great time to get a great price!


01yFgHVyR4aMF_xY0FCJ0Q.jpgIn these difficult times of coronavirus and strife, try to find a place of peace. If you need any help, I’m only a phone call away. Photo courtesy of Clay Rivers.