Doors say more about our home than you might think. A pretty front door is like lipstick on a woman. It’s just the right touch to finish off your “look.”

These are three doors on a country stone house that I saw in North Carolina. Don’t know why they installed three doors right next to each other but they must have a strong desire to welcome a lot of guests to this home. It’s rather charming.

Something tells me whether you choose door number 1, 2, or 3…you are going to be glad you knocked.

Sit a Spell – Front Porch


If there is one HUGE thing that makes a difference when trying to sell your home it is a front porch.

A decorated front porch is like money in the bank. It just gives off the most welcome feeling and is an open invitation to come home. Throw in an American flag and you have perfection.




First Impressions


It really is true when they say first impressions make a difference.

When you are selling a home make sure that you have spent significant time creating a welcoming look to the front of your house. An American flag, potted plants, and manicured yard are just a few things that say “welcome” to the person looking to buy a home.

Don’t let your entrance turn off potential homeowners. It should be the inviting part of your home that makes them want to see more.