Art is life…

Beautiful #art piece by Butch Anthony at Jeanine Taylor Folk Art Gallery in Sanford, FL. #iWantIt #color #fantastic #beyondWords

From Neglected Schoolhouse to Chic Cottage


Catskills Cottage
Intrigued by an article featuring gorgeous and inexpensive 19th-century houses in New York’s Catskills, Gotham magazine lifestyle editor, Jason Oliver Nixon, and decorator John Loecke decided to check out the area’s real estate websites. To their amazement, they found this 900-square-foot Federal-style schoolhouse. Read more hear about this charming renovation.

Music makes a difference


There really is something about making a joyful noise. Music enhances life and people love to hear it. Always have something soft and classical playing on your sound system when people visit your home. The soft sounds of melodious tunes will encourage people to relax. Many scientific studies have shown the positive effects of music on the brain. It really does make a difference. (Photo courtesy of Bank Street Music)