Why I do what I do! Real Estate Sales.


Selling real estate for me is a passion. I love my work.

One of the most important accomplishments for me was to establish, WHY I do what I do, in my own words. What motivates me every day to come to work with a sense of pride as I help buyers and sellers realize their dreams?

When I started talking about what individually drives me, I realized that my thoughts all aligned on a few main themes:

  • I want to help families
  • I try to break down the real estate market so it can be easy to understand
  • I want to provide the tools you need to help make the best decisions for you and their family
  • I believe that what I do is valuable and important
  • The slogan above really says it all…I believe!

I believe that every family should feel confident whey buying and selling a home.

I know that as long as I keep these thoughts in the forefront of all that I do then I will be able to provide the best experience for my clients.

And that makes me happy!

Adding Art!


“It only takes a moment to add touches of art to your day. A bud at your desk, a new pillow for your couch, a smile on your face.” ~ Patsy Clairmont

#1 Reason to List Your House Today!


If you are debating listing your house for sale this year or even early next year, here is the #1 reason not to wait!

Buyer Demand Continues to Outpace the Supply of Homes For Sale

According to the National Association of REALTORS’ (NAR) Foot Traffic report, there are more buyers out in the market right now than at any other time in the past three years.

The graph below shows the significant increase in foot traffic experienced this year compared to 2014.


The latest Existing Home Sales report shows that there is currently a 5.2-month supply of homes for sale. This remains lower than the 6-month supply necessary for a normal market and well below August 2014 numbers.

The chart below details the year-over-year inventory shortages experienced so far in 2015:


Bottom Line

Meet with a local real estate professional who can show you the supply conditions in your neighborhood and assist you in gaining access to the buyers who are ready, willing and able to buy today!