Designing with Books


Coffee table books instantly add personality and interest; they make the space feel like a home, and of course entertainment for the lingering guest.  And the best part?  They’re easily edited and changed whenever it strikes your fancy.

Stack your favorite books by color, by topic and/or size.  Get creative; don’t take the stacks too seriously and change them around until they’re just right.

Courtesy of: @waitingonmartha

Books Help A Home Sell


There are a lot of things to help a home sell when it comes to staging your home with lovely decorating touches.

Not only does your home office need to look chic. It needs to look like people actually use it for work and play. When I use the word play…I mean reading. Reading a good book.

This is a photo from an actual home office in an executive home filled with wonderful first edition and vintage books. The whole wall takes your breath away. I think it may just help this particular home find a buyer!

Read for the love of it. Decorate with books because they are beautiful.

Summer Reading


If you like to read (and who doesn’t) then this list of NON-lighweight books is for you. I am happy to report, I put in my two cents and some of my favorites made the list (including the one shown above).

Get reading…life is more than work.

17 big, fat books for your summer reading.


Summer Reading Club


If you are a book lover…here is your chance to read some great books with a wonderful group of people this summer. Check out the link below and hurry because this group is filling up fast!

See you at the book store!


I Love Wendell Berry


Sharing a lovely thought from Wendell Berry with you today:

“I will say, from my own belief and experience, that imagination thrives on contact, on tangible connection. For humans to have a responsible relationship to the world, they must imagine their places in it. To have a place, to live and belong in a place, to live from a place without destroying it, we must imagine it. By imagination we see it illuminated by its own unique character and by our love for it. By imagination we recognize with sympathy the fellow members, human and nonhuman with whom we share our place. By that local experience we see the need to grant a sort of preemptive sympathy to all the fellow members,the neighbors with whom we share the world. As imagination enables sympathy, sympathy enables affection. And in affection we find the possibility of a neighborly, kind, and conserving economy”.

Wendell Berry, “It All Turns on Affection” The 41st Annual Jefferson Lecture of the National Endowment for the Humanities, 2012.