Christmas season reminds me of the importance of home. This was my grandson’s first Christmas photo and between the lights and the gifts, he was awestruck by the beauty of the season. Having a home means sharing wonderful memories and moments with your family. I wish this for you on this glorious holiday season.


Love makes a house a home.

Loving Life

Lily pumpkin.jpg

There are big moments in life that stick in our memory, but thereĀ are also sweet, quiet, and precious moments that linger on the mind long after their time. A smile, a hug, the sweetness of a grandchild. These are the moments I live for.

It Is The Little Things

Sometimes the best lighting of all is a power failure. - Doug Coupland.jpg

I am grateful for rainy nights (like tonight), a roof over my head to keep me dry, and a lovely family to share a delicious dinner filled with laughter and talk. Turning off the television, losing lights, just taking a moment from social media is refreshing to this busy REALTOR. These are the moments I live for. I wish them for you too.