Home Shopping

A shop of one’s own; digital storefronts – using your home to feature your product:


“We like to use our beach house as a showcase for our products,” says Hampshire. “We always say, if we can’t live with our designs, we shouldn’t produce them. Our benchmark is always: would we have this in our own home?” On their Instagram feed you can see their wallpapers, fabrics and other objects in domestic settings, as well as the occasional snap of the Dungeness coastline.

Rural aesthetic: Fforest General Stores.
 Rural aesthetic: Fforest General Stores. Photograph: James Gardiner

Personal investment and a strong sense of identity are what characterise this new category of online retailer. “They don’t attempt to compete with bigger brands, who can buy in bulk, but instead do their own thing and create inspiring online ‘destinations’ with loyal communities of customers,” says Ellie Tennant. “By sharing photos of their products in their homes on Instagram and Twitter, they offer their customers much more than a bigger high-street brand ever can. Part of their strength is that they are genuine – living, creative lifestyles.”

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