Porch Politics


A true Southerner always longs for a home with a porch. The porch is a beehive of activity and a place where families sit, rock and talk.

Politics, faith, marriages and more are examined and dissected on a Southern porch. Southern porches have a life of their own.

This porch ceiling is painted blue for a playful nod to traditional Southern Haint Blue. A fan keeps the area cool on warm Southern days, and curtains add privacy to the space. The blue ceiling is a custom in the South as it is said that insects won’t build their nests on these ceilings because they think it is the sky. What a lovely thought.

The last few days of summer are upon us as we await the coming of Fall. Fix up your porch and enjoy this time – while you are at it, have a glass of sweet tea.

Photo courtesy of SouthernLiving.com

Knock, knock…

A front door is like lipstick on a lady. It completes a home. When you want a quick change, think about your door. With pretty color or new style – you can instantly update your home’s esthetics and create an inviting look that screams “welcome home!” (Photo courtesy of My French Country Home)