Quartz in the Kitchen


After several years of declining use, the day has come: another surface has officially surpassed granite in terms of popularity. Any guesses as to what the new countertop du jour might be?

It’s quartz, otherwise known as engineered stone. The National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) reports that while granite is less desirable these days, the use of quartz is on the rise (by kitchen designers anyway.


Kitchens sell homes!


When it comes to home sales, I have watched as a buyer’s eyes glaze over when they feast (get the pun) their eyes on a beautiful kitchen. Kitchens really do sell homes.

Light is in and dark is out. But as long as it is lovely and the counters are clean, it will help a home sell.

If the beds aren’t made…it’s not great. But if the kitchen is a disaster, prepare to lower your price. PS: Have some good smells in your kitchen too.

Original Decorating Ideas


I love it when people think “outside the box” and come up with an original kitchen that screams luxury. These green cabinets and shiplap siding are just the right mix for fun and elegance not to mention the upscale Wolf gas stove. Did you know that¬†kitchens are the most requested item for most¬†buyers? This house would sell quickly.

You can view the rest of this farmhouse at: